Alexander Mercouris


Alexander Mercouris is a pro-Russian propagandist who lost his license as a Barrister for egregious behavior with a client in 2012. The official account of the disbarment can be read here:

His primary propaganda delivery methods are via his own YouTube channel at and The Duran at

Mercouris has made extensive contributions to RT and Russia-Insider

Peter Lavelle, an employee of RT, co-founded The Duran with Alexander Mercouris Both Alexander's channel and The Duran should properly be regarded as as extensions of RT, which is Russian state-owned media.

You can sign a petition to get this propagandist off YouTube here:

Mercouris produces his propaganda videos daily at his home in London at

51 Brondesbury Road, London, NW6 6BP

+44 7808 727 075

alexander's home.jpg

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